Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tyler part 2

I've been thinking about what to write in this blog for a long time now. I'm not really sure where to start...

We could start on August 19th at 4am when after 2hrs of sleep I jumped (as best I could) out of bed trying not to wake Neil and went to the nursery to see my baby. I was standing there just staring at him wishing I could hold and squeeze him (I didn't know if I was even aloud to touch him). The doctor came over to tell me about the low blood sugar and that they couldn't get an IV so they would have to put one in his umbilical cord, then she dropped the bomb, with that kind of IV they would have to send him to CHEO (The Childrens hospital) . Fighting back the tears I asked her if Neil or I could go with him in the ambulance and she said no, there would be no room. I blurted out "so he's going to be alone?" and the bitch (she was the only jerkface we encountered) answered back "well he's going to be with blah blah amount of people so he's not exactly going to be alone" followed by a little chuckle. The tears were crazy hard to fight back at this point. The nurse then came over and sent me to my room because I wasn't allowed to be there when they put the IV in and when it was all done they would come get me. I slowly walked back to my room...balling.

We'll cut to around 8am that morning. Neil and I were back in the nursery with the 2 lovely transport ladies from CHEO, discussing what was going to happen and where and when we could show up to see him. They were both super nice and gave me hugs because at this point I couldn't fight the tears. During this time my doctor came in to see how Tyler and I were doing and as soon as I saw her I blurted out that I was discharging myself! She put her arm around me and told me if that was what I really wanted she would do that but she said she would be more comfortable giving me a day pass and I could go back to the hospital to sleep and she would discharge me super early the next morning...we took her option

The lovely CHEO ladies put Tyler in an incubator on a stretcher and we watched them wheel Tyler down the hall and into an elevator.

The 19th was a bad day. We would get to see Tyler 5min here 10min there and would keep getting kicked out so they could put IV's in here and there, they put in a picu line that ran up his vein from his toe to his heart. They had to take tons of ex-rays to make sure everything was in place and redo the whole process when something wasn't quite right. I was asked, well, more like told 50 times that I must have diabetes...NO I DON'T!!! A nurse actually came to me at one point and said she'd seen my chart and knew that I didn't. By the end of the day he had the picu line, the umbilical cord IV and another IV. They also weren't feeding my poor little guy. We would then go through days of getting to hold him and days of not depending on his nurse.

We'll fast forward a week. Things were going well, we were optimistic that he was going to get to come home any day.
Then the worst day of my life to this point happened.

We made our way down the hall to Tyler's little area and when we got there Neil and I looked at each other, the monitor was turned off, they had a blanket over an incubator. I remember rubbing my chest and feeling like my world had come to an end...that moment lasted forever! The head nurse came rushing over and told us Tyler was sick and had been moved to isolation. I don't really remember what she told us on the walk over to his room. We had to put on the yellow gowns and they explained that they needed to shave his head because it was the only place they could get the IV in. I walked in the room and glanced over his crib and saw my poor little baby lying there
At this point we found out they had to do a lumbar puncture, and they figure he had sepsis from the picu line. The doctors came in and were telling us stuff, I honestly didn't hear a word they said. They asked if we had any questions and I kept looking at Neil in hopes he could read my mind so I wouldn't have to ask it. I couldn't get any words out...The doctor finally figured out my question and reassured us he wasn't going to die. I broke down.

After our meeting they asked us to leave for 10-15min so they could take his picu line out. I made my way back to our hotel where I broke down hysterically for hours.

I finally got the courage to go back up to see my little man. The nurse could see I was shaking and made me hold him. I broke down again whispering to him how sorry I was for bringing him into this world to go through all of this and how sorry I was I wasn't there for the lumbar puncture. I was overwhelmed with gilt.

All his tests came back negative and we heard rumblings from the nurses that they just let him get dehydrated.

The day he came home was another long waiting game. We made sure to be there for rounds since we heard a rumour he was going to be discharged. I forget his reason but the head doctor wasn't going to discharge him. I went off on a rant...the only thing I remember saying was asking for a second opinion. GO ME! I was so sick and tired of them picking and pocking him. on top of all the IV's (they would come out and they would have to redo them) he had his foot pricked every 3 hours for 2 weeks. The doctor looked in shock and not very impressed but he agreed to let him go home if everything went well that day.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New blog

Day 1 of our plan went scary easy. I created a new blog for both Neil and I to post on, so you can read all about our healthy eating...excited aren't you :p

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The 365 project

It starts tomorrow! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

Our golden rules:
Rule 1. the obvious: don't go over points targets
Rule 2. Try one new recipe a week
Rule 3. eat one vegetarian meal a week
Rule 4. eat one fish dish a week (canned tuna does not count)
Rule 5. try one new food a month

So the plan for today is to create a meal plan for the week, make a grocery list, then go shopping. Oh and we'll probably eat bad food.

Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm a bad bad blogging machine

WOW! So far in 2009 I've posted 4 whole blogs, well 5 once I hit "publish post" on this one.

It's not for lack of material. We've gone to cut down our own Christmas tree.
I've made lasagna, quiche, meatballs, sweet potato soup and cabbage rolls. I've attempted to invent a cheese bread recipe (a yummy fail). I've made white chocolate/candy cane popcorn and a milk chocolate/skor popcorn. I've taken 100's of pictures of a bunch of things that have never made it to blog land.

My only excuse is that I've been crazy busy nanny lady, babysitting my sisters 2 kiddies as well as taking care of my 2 lovelies. I normally look after Ava for about an hour every day after school and babysit Jakster on Monday's. With school holidays and my sisters mother in law out of commission for what ever reason (eyeroll to the max) I've had the sweethearts A LOT! Which means my house has been more of a disaster than normal and I've had zero time for anything except crafts, baking and sleep.

2010...yikes! well January 4th, 2010!

Neil and I have an exciting new plan which includes almost daily blogging by both or at least one of us.

Last week Neil rented Julie and Julia, which for 2.5 seconds gave me the insane idea to try and recreate the 365 day lots of recipe thing until I quickly realized I didn't want to gain another 500lbs. So I came up with the fun and exciting challenge of 365 days of healthy eating. We don't have the rules set in stone yet but we'll probably follow a plan like weight watchers (since I still have all the info). At the end of the 365 days when we've successfully completed our challenge, we're going to reward ourselves with a mini vacation to somewhere like the ice hotel.

Coming soon "the rules" blog then tons of fun, torturous and exciting blogs in 2010 :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What the heck do I do with all these apples

Apple pie!

Sunday my favorite sous chef and I made apple pies. First we had to peel and chop tons and tons of apples. Haley peeled and I chopped. Notice the cool apple peeler we have, it even cores and spiral cuts the apples which means I don't really have any chopping to do (don't tell Haley). Also notice my messy messy kitchen and some of my Halloween greatness.

After we prepared all the apples we added some flour, brown sugar, and cinnamon and mixed mixed mixed it all together. Have a look, Notice it's also in the pie shell.

Next we added a dab of butter then covered it in more pastry and cut a few slits in the top.

Throw it in the oven till it's golden and smells delicious. While you wait you should bathe a baby.

Finally we have a finished pie. We actually made 3 to use up all the apples. One for that night and 2 for the freezer for another time.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Apple apples everywhere

We recently took our annual trip to the apple orchard for some apple picking fun...YAY!

I forget what time I woke up that morning but I'm sure it was early since being a sweet wife I let my hubby sleep in, although he did do the middle of the night feeding for me so I guess he can be sweet too. Anyway, I spent the morning balancing my son on one arm while I put a picnic together. You would think that having a 5wk old I would have just done something simple like throw sandwiches into a cooler or just opt to pick something up on the way but no... I lovingly spent 2 hours making a pasta salad and for some extra fun I made a potato salad as well.

Two stops and an hour and a half later we made it and OH MY GOD the place was packed. Instead of picnicking in our usual spot with all the tables and swings we found a quiet corner at the back of the field they use as a parking lot, jealous? I thought so. The only reason I had to write about all of the food stuff is because I'm the only one who ate the salads :( nobody else could be bothered to eat the food I so lovingly slaved over. LOSERS! Thats right I'm talking to you Neil :p

Apple picking fun

Please excuse my homely look. I realize I should have 2 eyebrows but sadly I barely have time for a shower so this is what I look like these days.

So what do you do when you're done picking 20lbs of apples well you eat candy apples and jump in hay of course

What do you do after you jump off big hay piles? Well you stand on hay piles and pick hay out of your underwear of course

When you're all done having the appleiest time of your life you may start to wonder what you do with 20lbs of apples. Well so far I've used 14 apples to make a yummy apple crisp.

I also made french toast with soft caramel apples for dinner the other night SO delicious!

My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures, it's a good thing it's almost dinnertime.

On the next installment of my insanity we'll explore some early Halloween fun and maybe some apple pies.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Haley didn't have the greatest day at school yesterday. My poor pumpkin pie started crying at school because she missed her momma and daddy toooo much. So for today we sent her on her merry way with a picture of the 3 of us at Disney and I promised her a yummy snack if she stayed all day. That's right folks I like to bribe my children, I think I should be up for a mother of the year award any year now.

I made her yummy brownies from this recipe if I was a super cool blogger I would have made the word brownies the link but I'm an idiot and don't know how :)

To make myself feel like a half decent mother I added raspberries to the plate so it would atleast appear healthy cause fruit magically takes away all the bad sugar.

hmmm I don't think so mother nice try though