Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Apple apples everywhere

We recently took our annual trip to the apple orchard for some apple picking fun...YAY!

I forget what time I woke up that morning but I'm sure it was early since being a sweet wife I let my hubby sleep in, although he did do the middle of the night feeding for me so I guess he can be sweet too. Anyway, I spent the morning balancing my son on one arm while I put a picnic together. You would think that having a 5wk old I would have just done something simple like throw sandwiches into a cooler or just opt to pick something up on the way but no... I lovingly spent 2 hours making a pasta salad and for some extra fun I made a potato salad as well.

Two stops and an hour and a half later we made it and OH MY GOD the place was packed. Instead of picnicking in our usual spot with all the tables and swings we found a quiet corner at the back of the field they use as a parking lot, jealous? I thought so. The only reason I had to write about all of the food stuff is because I'm the only one who ate the salads :( nobody else could be bothered to eat the food I so lovingly slaved over. LOSERS! Thats right I'm talking to you Neil :p

Apple picking fun

Please excuse my homely look. I realize I should have 2 eyebrows but sadly I barely have time for a shower so this is what I look like these days.

So what do you do when you're done picking 20lbs of apples well you eat candy apples and jump in hay of course

What do you do after you jump off big hay piles? Well you stand on hay piles and pick hay out of your underwear of course

When you're all done having the appleiest time of your life you may start to wonder what you do with 20lbs of apples. Well so far I've used 14 apples to make a yummy apple crisp.

I also made french toast with soft caramel apples for dinner the other night SO delicious!

My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures, it's a good thing it's almost dinnertime.

On the next installment of my insanity we'll explore some early Halloween fun and maybe some apple pies.


  1. I'd eat your salad.

    ...what? someone had to say it.

    (and I would. pasta and potato salads rock)

  2. I wanna go apple picking!

    Another reason I should make Adam drive me to your house...

    ...what, is that creepy?

    And that picture of Haley getting the straw out of her pants is fabulous. Be sure to blow that up & hang it on your wall once she starts dating.

  3. Apple picking is awesome. What my wife fails to mention is that I did eat her salads, just later on in the day. Also if Adam looks closely I'm wearing the shirt he bought me.

  4. Apple picking and butt picking are awesome!