Friday, September 11, 2009

I am Superwoman

I got the call at 6:30am on Tuesday August 18th. "Come on in for your induction, oh but if someone else beats you here we'll have to send you home" In my head I was thinking like hell you're going to send me home, this baby is being evicted TODAY!

Don't get me wrong I enjoyed being pregnant and I love feeling the baby moving but the last month was so hard. I had been sent to the hospital so many times for blood work to see if I had pre-eclampsia but thankfully my liver was always functioning. In the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy my blood pressure skyrocketed to 157 over 105, I was crazy swollen, had major headaches, I could barely stay awake and when I was awake I felt so sick but hey my liver was perfect.

Anyway I ran out of bed and in an excited tone I started yelling for Neil and Haley to get up "it's time for the baby". I ran into the bathroom and peed faster than I had ever peed before, you know since I had to beat every other pregnant woman in the world to the hospital. I ran back into the bedroom and woops I guess I hadn't quite finished peeing so I ran back into the bathroom to squeeze somemore out. I ran back into the bedroom and woops "what the hell is going on, why is pee dribbling down my leg again?" then it dawned on me maybe my water had sprang a slow leak.

We raced to my sisters house to pick her up and to drop off Haley, then we raced the hour to the hospital. Neil being the coffee addicted fella that he is was almost crying when I wouldn't let him stop at Tim Hortons but hey we made it and before all the other women...happy dance!

So lets skip a few boring hours of walking, repeating myself to the nurses "no I only had 1 ultrasound, and no no one had mentioned anything about a big baby" (that should have maybe clued me in but no), the pangs of early labor, and a few baths to try and control the pain...WOOHOO it's time for the epidural.

When I say WOOHOO it was more of a holy hell it's about damn time! By this point my contractions were so incredibly painful they were bringing tears to my eyes and I was getting a whole 10 second break between them. While I sat in bed waitting for my most favoritist person in the world to show up (the anistesiologist) my nurse started playing with my IV when all of a sudden I hear her say "I don't like this at all" yank out comes the IV then I hear her mutter something about needing an Iv before they'll give me an epidural. So for the next whoever knows how long I needed to sit still with my arms extended trying to relax while this woman repeatedly poked me trying to get this IV into my vein all while basically having 1 big excruciating contraction, I'm not really sure how long this went on for or how many pokes but it felt like forever!

Ahhhh the sweet sweet relief.

It didn't last long. Before I knew it the nurse said the phrase that both thrilled me and filled me with dread "It's time to push" The dread came from the birth of my daughter, there's something about feeling yourself wrip apart that fills you with fear especially when you're about to do it all over again.

16 minutes and 3rd degree tearing later my beautiful baby boy was here. As soon as he was born they placed him on me and I got to look at the back of his head while Neil cut the cord. Seconds later they whisked him away to the warmer thingy so they could examine him and get him to cry better. I wouldn't get to see his face for another 2 hours.

All I kept hearing was "wow he's a big boy" they were all excited to weigh him and at this point I was still expecting him to be 8lbs something. He was a whopping 11lbs 12oz I think I'm still in shock. Now when you have a huge baby apparently your placenta is huge too, so huge that even the doctor and his intern were impressed with the size of it. On a whim they decided to weigh it too, it weighed 3lbs 7oz.

After this point the next 2 weeks would be one hell of an emotional roller coaster. Maybe for another blog...

Meet Tyler Daniel Walker the man who made me a Superwoman.

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  1. Awwww...I'm sitting here giving Adam the highlights.

    Thank you for sharing the 3rd degree tear info. I actually wanted to ask, but I wasn't sure if that would be nosey.

    Yay for a blog from Vicki!