Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm a bad bad blogging machine

WOW! So far in 2009 I've posted 4 whole blogs, well 5 once I hit "publish post" on this one.

It's not for lack of material. We've gone to cut down our own Christmas tree.
I've made lasagna, quiche, meatballs, sweet potato soup and cabbage rolls. I've attempted to invent a cheese bread recipe (a yummy fail). I've made white chocolate/candy cane popcorn and a milk chocolate/skor popcorn. I've taken 100's of pictures of a bunch of things that have never made it to blog land.

My only excuse is that I've been crazy busy nanny lady, babysitting my sisters 2 kiddies as well as taking care of my 2 lovelies. I normally look after Ava for about an hour every day after school and babysit Jakster on Monday's. With school holidays and my sisters mother in law out of commission for what ever reason (eyeroll to the max) I've had the sweethearts A LOT! Which means my house has been more of a disaster than normal and I've had zero time for anything except crafts, baking and sleep.

2010...yikes! well January 4th, 2010!

Neil and I have an exciting new plan which includes almost daily blogging by both or at least one of us.

Last week Neil rented Julie and Julia, which for 2.5 seconds gave me the insane idea to try and recreate the 365 day lots of recipe thing until I quickly realized I didn't want to gain another 500lbs. So I came up with the fun and exciting challenge of 365 days of healthy eating. We don't have the rules set in stone yet but we'll probably follow a plan like weight watchers (since I still have all the info). At the end of the 365 days when we've successfully completed our challenge, we're going to reward ourselves with a mini vacation to somewhere like the ice hotel.

Coming soon "the rules" blog then tons of fun, torturous and exciting blogs in 2010 :)